Role in Third Earthsiege:

One of the Knights accompanying Caanon Weathers on the strikeforce sent to deal with the Martian Rebels.

Imperial Knight
Family manor in Kasselgrad, apartments in Munich, New Istanbul, Nova Alexandria
Apocalypse-V class Herc
Cold gray eyes, dark brown hair, fair skin


Titus Thau-Yuros reached the rank of Knight-Captain with the same cold-blooded single-mindedness that won him admission to the Knights despite the loss of his left eye.

Titus’s family is an old one, descended from heroes. His father the Grand Boyar feuded with Duke Leonidas Eun Alba, a fact that increased the pressure on Titus to carry forward the family glory of the family name. Titus and the Eun Alba whelp Colossa soon inherited their portion of the feud. During their battle in the Century Tourney of 2800, Colossa demolished Titus’s Herc with a ferocity that cost Titus his eye. Consequently, Titus hates Eun Alba with a passion, and takes every opportunity to undermine his rival. He refuses to have the eye replaced and keeps the handicap as a grim reminder of his oath to destroy Colossa. On the day when his rival lies dead or forever ruined, Titus will accept a new eye.

Titus’s ruthlessness has become legend. His fellows bestowed the nom de guerre "Hangman" on him for his actions in Strikeforce Unfetter in 2808. Recently, he was able to stab at Eun Alba by pointedly spreading the news that the devil’s sister was lover to a traitor. The results were exquisite. Eun Alba’s sister killed herself, and Eun Alba himself shamed his name before the Emperor and many noble peers. The battle in which the Eun Alba nearly killed Titus merely provided useful insight for the next duel. Of course, Titus will adhere to the dictates of honor, or any victory would be worthless.

"After we extinguish the dusteater scum, Eun Alba will receive his due."