Imperial Knight

Role in Third Earthsiege:

One of the Knights accompanying Caanon Weathers on the strikeforce sent to deal with the Martian Rebels

Basilisk-class Herc
Blue eyes, blond hair, fair skin
NorthAm Canadi-Anglic
Family Crest:
A golden sun between golden swords on a blue field. The sun has an angel’s or child’s face.


The youngest daughter of the legendary Fairchild family in the NAP, Letha is the granddaughter of Old Gideon himself, the Chair-Provost of NAP West. She grew up in an atmosphere where social connections were heady even among the Knights. However, her aggressive sense of ambition, not her parentage, was what actually got her into the Knights. To the surprise of all, she has emerged as one of the up and coming Knights, and her displays of raging violence on the battlefield and the tac center are part of her carefully constructed image. The media loves her, and she takes every chance for good press she can get.

Letha loves clothes and is a fashion goddess. Her biggest problem with being an Imperial Knight is that she hates the limitations Herc battlegarb imposes on her. Her seemingly shallow preoccupations and innocent act, however, hide keen powers of observation and razor wit. She is well liked and genuinely likes people, but is involved in various intrigues reckoned complex even by the jaded standards of the nobility. Letha has broken many a heart among the younger sons of the Imperial aristocracy. She looks petite and angelic, but she is a true predator when she sees something – or someone – she wants. Sensual but deadly describes her well.

Letha is now pondering whether she should marry and go into politics. If so, she believes Colossa Eun Alba would be a good match. She hasn’t yet decided if she wants him. Just in case, she has arranged to be assigned to his unit. She naturally has no doubt as to what his answer would be if she chooses him. After all, what she wants, she gets.

"Ah, Chancellor, we were just talking about you. How convenient! (laughs) Oh, we certainly have time before we need to discuss business, don’t you think?"