The Fire

Humanity is devastated when it's Cybrid servants rebel. Only an abrasive cynic and an immortal can prevent total extinction.

The Empire

In the aftermath of The Fire, Solomon Petresun creates an Empire to defend Earth from the Cybrids.

The Rebels

As Earth rebuilds and forms an empire using the labors of the colonies, disgruntled colonists begin preparing for a revolution.

The Cybrids

Prometheus retreats into the void, vowing to return to Earth and wipe out humanity for the final time.

Tech Manual

Weapons of war in the 29th century.


History on how the world of Starsiege came to be, and notes on certain concepts native to the universe.


Rebel/Human Alliance Scannex

All O-Web news and announcements seen during the Human campaign.

Cybrid Scannex

All communications between Cybrid forces and intercepted communiques seen during the Cybrid campaign.

War Timeline - Human Alliance

The War Timeline is a more objective view of events that transpire within the human campaign.

War Timeline - Cybrid

Similar to its human equivilant, this timeline focuses on the Cybrid perspective.

Official Fiction Library

Short stories by Blake Hutchins for the old Starsiege Players website.

Starsiege Writers Guide

Pre-release guides for writers who want to write fiction within the Starsiege universe. NOT COMPLETE.


The Years Between

The 2845 writing team, led by Blake Hutchins created a timeline series that chronicled how humanity recovered from the Starsiege, and was able to embark upon The Chase.

Test of Mettle

An official story based in the 2845 universe

2842 - The Parody Year

The 2845 team threw this up on April Fool's day.


The original PDF compendium/manual that came with the ATR. Contains interesting in-universe explanations about some of the tech in 2845.

Tribes Timeline

All events that took place after The Chase up until Tribes 2.


The Starsiege Compendium Project is an effort by myself to recreate as much of the original Compendium into a website that uses the newer web technologies available.

Back in the day, most Starsiege sites dealt with the multiplayer game and didn't cover the lore. As time went on and the active community shrank the sites that did deal with the lore were no longer available. It seemed like such a shame that so much effort and love that was poured into the universe would just disappear, so I decided to take this up as a hobby project for myself.

The site is a constant work in progress as I add sections, modify the site with new features, or try to enhance mobile compatibility. So there may or may not be some errors or glitches while your viewing.

Also, feel free to email me, if you want to talk 'Siege.

- Cpt.Raynor/Mac
Formerly of -=NSDF=-, [GoP], :e:

1080p Wallpapers:

Harabec's Ambush
Caanon's Charge
The Battle of New San Diego
The Lone Shepherd
The Battle of Noachis Terra
"Brothers" - Dual Screen Wallpaper by Drake


STARSIEGE SHELL | ES2 Hangar and Briefing | ES1 Hangar & Briefing

The Starsiege Community

Siegers both past and present (that are on Facebook) have congregated here to swap old stories of the 'siege and to reconnect with lost friends.

The easiest way to get back on Starsiege today, contains all patches and modern system fixes needed in one installer.

One of the last active-playing Starsiege Squads. Current hosts of the Starsiege Master Servers.

MIB was known for its scripting and editing tools back in the day. The site is still maintained to this day by Sentinel, their leader.

Eobasilus's guides are comprehensive walkthroughs of the Human and Cybrid campaigns, along with vehicle stats and tactical analysis's.

A no frills archive of everything Aldaron could find that was online and related to Starsiege. It's easier to ask what he doesn't have on there.

ATAC was there in the first years of Starsiege, and are now establishing an online presence again to reconnect with former squadmates.


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Supplementary References

Starsiege Reference Material
Kim "Steel Fire" Arcuri

Starsiege Compendium (Scanned)
Michael "Snow" Kuhrmeier

Starsiege Universe Web Archive
N. David "Configsys.boy!" Griffin


Dis Pilot Some1, Arikraz, Rand, Rock, Aldaron, Bluefox, Mercurial, Angel-A, Taro and everyone else I used to play with on the servers that I can't remember offhand.

The old -=NSDF=- crew. Thanks for putting up with an idiot teenager.

Mhaddy, for providing me hosting on The Junkyard back in the prime years of the Starsiege Holdover, saving me from Geocities purgatory.

THE DIVINE DESIGN GFX CREW (DDGFX). Learning how to do web graphics with you guys was a blast. I got more from you guys than I ever would have otherwise.

Snow and his Starsiege Complete. Play it with the nGlide wrapper and the game runs and plays as if it were 1998 on a Voodoo card again. Most screenshots came from this.

The 2845 team/ClanCore. Yes, if nothing else than providing us with a fictional expansion of what happened between Starsiege and Tribes.

Plague's Let's Play series of the Cybrid campaign for indirectly giving me the idea to create the Compendium Project.