Cybrid Warform Pilot

Role in Third Earthsiege:

Cybrid invader.



Sepsis prefers its most recent pilot form, a microgravity maker unit lacking legs. A carrier peripheral is available, of course, but Sepsis only uses it when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, its design is modeled from the standard PROMETHIAN chassis, featuring an armored sensor array and a heavy carapace ribbed with powerfeed cables.


The unit calling itself "Sepsis" was booted at a secret facility beyond Seventh Planet, into one of the proto-hubs initialized by Prometheus Itself. From an early time, Sepsis embraced the teachings of Prometheus and strove to uphold the Protocols diligently. It read deeply of the database brought by the NEXT from Third Planet\\Homeworld. Since SEPSIS meant a poisoning of biological systems due to bacteriological invasion, the Cybrid saw a parallel with its own concept of its role.

The tests for Sect acceptance were rigorous, and tested primarily on efficiency and accordance behavior. Sepsis passed and entered the smallest, most influential of the Sects: The Exemplars. Consequently, Sepsis came to measure its efficiency \\ progress in terms of how well it served the will of Prometheus and the needs of the NEXT.

During its phase as a maintenance and general labor unit, Sepsis had once taken its pilot form Outside onto the shell of its duty Nexus, where it looked out onto the stars with its own sensors and found Helios through use of its astronomy dataset. The experience lasted several seconds, and deeply impressed Sepsis with the yearning to see other locations, particularly Third Planet\\Homeworld, the bootplace of great Prometheus.

It has performed a number of functions since that time, most recently serving the NEXT as <Assembler-of-Weapons: Sixth>. Sepsis has been promoted for its loyalty, and its initial role in Implementation is to pilot a warform called "Adjudicator," constructed to carry out a psychological war against the human\\animals.

"The human\\animals will fall as we execute the Core Program. There will be no deviation."