Imperial Knight

Role in Third Earthsiege:

One of the Knights accompanying Caanon Weathers on the strikeforce sent to deal with the Martian Rebels

Imperial Knight
Rose Azur
Family manor in Hong Kong, apartments in Telluride, Nova Alexandria
Preferred Combat Vehicle:
Talon-class Herc
Brown eyes, black hair, golden skin
Ethnic Extraction:
Family Crest:
Three golden cranes on a red field.


Ruby is one of six children born to Elando Hokanson and Jade Prillian Li. She was the third eldest, and displayed an early athletic potential that marked her for warrior training. She wanted to join a Buddhist temple, but her family wanted to achieve noble status, so she was pressed into military service. Her talent and strong will earned her the status of an Imperial Knight when she was forty-five. She was the first of her family to reach Knighthood, and her success bestowed nobility on her immediate family. As a new aristocrat, she is subject to intense scrutiny from the other families and the gossips of the Emperor’s court. Consequently, Ruby finds she often has to prove herself socially as on the battlefield. She fears failing her family, since without her Knighthood, her family will lose its noble status within a generation.

A deep sadness marks Ruby’s life, since her lover, another Imperial Knight, left her for a liason with a better-connected lady of the Imperial court. Up to now she has had a distinguished career among the Knights. She was fortunate enough to miss the Turkhazak Debacle, as she was stationed in China at the time, part of the honor guard traditionally afforded to the Golden Mandarin. Ruby enjoys the company of Colossa Eun Alba and Levarex Singh the most among the Knights, although she chooses not to join them in their (primarily Oliphant’s) legendary tavern crawls. She is an efficient fighter with a strong pragmatic bent. Her callsign comes from her accuracy with Herc weaponry.

"We should place the needs of honor aside until after we have crushed the dusteaters."