Imperial Knight

Role in Third Earthsiege:

One of the Knights accompanying Caanon Weathers on the strikeforce sent to deal with the Martian Rebels. Read about him in the serial novella Jaguar’s Hunt.

Gorgon-class Herc
Brown eyes, jet black hair, dusky skin
Family Crest:
Tiger and elephant on either side of Sikh Symbol. Red and gold on black field


Singh is the epitome of the person who loves wine, women, and song. He swears a lot, laughs a lot, and can drink nearly anyone under the table. He also loves to gamble, and if not for Eun Alba fishing him out of debt, would have lost his honor years ago. He is absolutely loyal to his friends and to the Empire.

Oliphant Praldar Singh was born to a large Franco-Sikh family which had been part of the aristocracy ever since the dawn of the Empire. There was never any doubt about his entering the Knights, along with his five brothers. The young Singh grew to a skilled warrior, known for his great strength and prodigious appetites. He sired a number of children, which further taxed his finances. A series of encounters with a shadowy woman named Livinia broke his heart, and he began to drink heavily. His status declined, and only his weighty family name kept him in the Knights. He received quiet, out-of-the-way duties where everyone expected him to drink himself into death or dishonor. Some twenty years ago, with the help of a new friend, a Squire-Cadet called Eun Alba, he began the long journey back to respectability. Ever since, he and Eun Alba have remained inseparable friends.

By the time of what became known as the Turkhazak Debacle, Singh already built a strong reputation as a drunkard who had little regard for his honor. However, it was during the bloody campaign in Turkhazakistan when he truly began to redeem himself. Singh was one of the few Knights to survive, and NewsNet reports definitely showed him in the thick of the fighting. His honor was subsequently restored, albeit shakily, for he kept his penchant for overindulgence. He still adheres to the Sikh faith, but sees himself as a religious failure.

"By God, this is excellent scotch! Bring me the rest of the bottle, will you? Now, as to those reports about the bloody rebels...I’m listening very carefully."