Rebel Pilot

Role in Third Earthsiege:

One of the rebels on Mars serving under Bek’s command.

Green eyes, red hair, fair, freckled skin
Favorite Band:
Sulfuric Dreams
Preferred Vehicle:
Flyers, fast things, lots of flashy weapons
Favorite Drink:
Venusian Hotvenom (a mixed drink of such dubious legality that at least one Imperial orientation pamphlet refers to it as a colonial engine cleaner)


Riana’s name is a variation on Orion, the mythological hunter, in a custom that dated from the Devastation at the beginning of the millenium. Born in the arcology of Dante on Venus, she is the daughter of highly placed VenDelve mining executives. In the midst of a boarding school upbringing, a rebellious attitude took her to the streets. On the strength of her musical talent, she joined a hump and thrall band called Cakewhomp. Persistent juvenile delinquency drove hre parents to place her in a military academy as alternative to full correction. There, her piloting abilities potential was noticed. With parental permission, the Imperials transferred her to Gierling Academy for supervised training.

Two years later, parents transferred to Mars for CEO positions at Parth-Corp Mining. Riana refused to accept a commission in the Imperial Navy and dropped out of Gierling just short of graduating. She moved to Mars to try and re-establish the relationship with her parents after she attempted suicide following a failed relationship at the Academy. On Mars, she became involved in the Victoria music scene.

When the Imperial Police stepped up enforcement of the Fortification Proclamation, a Terran mining conglomerate swallowed up Parth-Corp and brought in BioDerms to replace native workers. When Parth-Corp’s people tried to resist the changes, Imperial Police arrested the leaders. Riana’s father was captured, but her mother escaped to hide with relatives in the New Shanghai settlement. Riana and several of her friends defected to the rebels when she heard the news.

Riana is an experienced (though sometimes reckless) pilot who likes being in the gravity well. She herself is brash and outgoing, a wild girl with a tendency to talk too much. She frequently flirts with the male members of her squad. She dislikes Bio-Derms intensely, which makes working alongside Delta Six very difficult for her. Rebel Command tries to keep her too busy to go off on her own.

"Either we’ll make it, or we’ll be spread over half of scorchin’ Tharsis in little-bitty pieces! Hang on!"