Imperial Noble

Role in Third Earthsiege:

Elena was the sister of Colossa Eun Alba.

Green eyes, jet black hair, light brown skin
Family Crest:
Silver ship and three stars on a blue field


Elena was born to the well-known Eun Alba family, daughter of the esteemed Duke Leonidas, callsign Lionback. As a child, she witnessed the Duke’s abusive training of her older brother Colossa. Leonidas was determined that his son would rise to Knighthood, and he stooped to punishing methods. She spent many an hour comforting Colossa, and the two siblings became very close. While not possessed of a warrior’s talent, Elena grew into a beautiful, intelligent woman. Leonidas drummed the lessons of honor into her, and she became known among the Imperial Court for her will and integrity.

Elena met Harabec Weathers when she was twenty. The two embarked on a fiery relationship which surprised both of them with its intensity. Harabec was older than his years would suggest, and Elena was swept up in his passion and worldly charisma. When Harabec left her in 2820, it nearly broke her heart. He continued to correspond with her in secret, although she knew nothing of his whereabouts. They even met a few times, at hushed rendezvous on Luna and at orbital locations. Harabec told her he was working as a spy for the Empire, and Elena believed him. When she discovered at last that Harabec had actually defected to the rebellion on Mars, it was too much for her. She loved him truly, but that love had dishonored her. In that moment of shock and shame, she killed herself. Her brother, an Imperial Knight, swore revenge against Harabec, and he keeps Elena’s ghost close to him on his quest.

"Honor and love pull in different directions. It’s terrible to be caught between them!"