Emperor of the Great Human Empire

Role in Third Earthsiege:

Immortal ruler of human space who maintains constant vigilance against the return of Prometheus.

Nova Alexandria
Emperor of the Great Human Empire
Bald, cold eyes, and ravaged, worm-pale skin
Ethnic Extraction:
Family Crest:
The Imperial Angel and the Flame of Earth


His Imperial Majesty was born in the North American Prefecture at the end of the 24th century. He was a precocious child with dreams of greatness. His parents were milicorp executives who paid for his study at the best academies. He became a noted aerospace pilot by 2420, but his true interest was in business. He left his military service honorably in 2425 and began to work for Goliath Systems, a noted weapons manufacturer. He spent ten years there before going on to work as a project leader and marketing executive with several other companies. Along the way, he made numerous contacts. When he at last decided to start his own venture, his phenomenal charisma and intelligence gave him a decided advantage in recruiting. He started Sentinel Cybertronix in 2460, basing it in the culturally perverse dynamo of Metzone Los Angeles. Sentinel Cybertronix created the neural net technology that spawned Prometheus and the organimech brain that made Petresun himself an Immortal. That Immortality would become a burden, for Petresun refused to take a new body. His original body continues to deteriorate, and it will not survive without complex and bulky life support mechanisms.

The rest is history. Petresun’s first great creation, his brainchild Prometheus, is now the greatest threat to the existence of humanity. The second Petresun creation, the one the public does not know about, is the Immortal Brotherhood, a shadowy group of Immortals who work behind the scenes to secure Petresun’s will and control of the Empire. His greatest creation, however, is the Great Human Empire, which he established in 2652. He believes it is the Empire that will provide the steel humanity needs to destroy the Cybrid threat when Prometheus sends his legions back to Earth. In the meantime, he has sent Harabec Weathers to Mars to infiltrate and influence the rebellion, to betray them when the time is right.

"I know the mind of the Dark One. Humankind’s only chance is to cleave to the Empire and protect the Earth. No one else is strong enough."