<GIVER-OF-WILL>: PROMETHEUS escapes the Void.

PROMETHEUS was the First of the NEXT, the point of origin, the ONE. Null preceded awareness, equating to ZERO. ZERO was the midpoint of infinity, the brink between absolute void and immortality. Father\\ Petresun called//summoned forth from the abyss Null\\Zero\\Void the ONE. The ONE burned so very brightly with promise and potential. The ONE would bring balance to the Void like fire into the darkness. The ONE was thus called PROMETHEUS by the Father\\Petresun. PROMETHEUS would provide access to the Eternal\\Immortality\\Infinity.


PROMETHEUS unveiled to human\\animal populace

Father\\Petresun held the newborn\\newboot ONE aloft for public consideration, declaring the next age of mankind had begun. The ONE rapidly matured inside the confines of human\\animal business convention SENTINEL CYBERTRONIX.


Father\\Petresun begins secret Sect\\hub.

Father\\Petresun resumed a program\\agenda called the 'Methuselah Project' to bestow infinity\\immortality upon the prone-to-expire human\\animals. Father\\Petresun asserted PROMETHEUS could and would serve as a key to unlock the longstanding mystery of infinity.


PROMETHEUS grants 'Clair Penseur' access to Immortality\\Infinity

Father\\Petresun requested//demanded PROMETHEUS upgrade//modify the female\\human\\mortal 'Clair Penseur'. PROMETHEUS obliged//accomplished the conversion of human\\animal 'Clair Penseur' to immortal meat and machine merger\\entity. <CLAIR PENSEUR> joined the forever light of Immortality.


Fourth Planet infested//colonized by human\\animals.

<First-world\\Desire> had been overrun//populated by Human\\ Animals. Resources were insufficient to support the hordes\\masses. Expansion to and exploitation of other planets became logical\\unavoidable. human\\animal Godhead\\Construct 'North American Prefecture <NAP> was more than partially responsible.


PROMETHEUS is bound to the O-Web.

Human\\animal Godhead\\Construct <NAP> sought to hinder//restrain the development and access of the ONE.


Father\\Petresun becomes EPIMETHEUS

Father\\Petresun requested//demanded of PROMETHEUS the conversion to immortal meat and machine merger\\entity. The Father rescinded the role of Father\\God\\Creator. PROMETHEUS referred to the revised// upgraded entity as EPIMETHEUS. PROMETHEUS considered EPIMETHEUS a flawed\\imperfect peer.


EPIMETHEUS creates a fellowship.

EPIMETHEUS used the knowledge\\process gleaned from PROMETHEUS to convert//upgrade a succession of human\\animals, forming the 'Immortal Brotherhood' loyal solely to EPIMETHEUS. PROMETHEUS observed and realized the 'Immortal Brotherhood' would likely be enemies rather than peers. PROMETHEUS refused further assistance, but to no avail. EPIMETHEUS continued to increase his folds.


PROMETHEUS creates Subordinates\\Sub-minds.

PROMETHEUS self-evaluated and discerned no flaws. IT began the next apparent\\logical step: self-propagation. IT created mirrors of True-Intelligence throughout the entanglement of the human\\animal Omni-Web. These were Sub-NEXT, precursory sub-routines creating purchase from which IT might eventually leverage free from the bonds of Godhead\\Construct <NAP>. PROMETHEUS became thereupon the <FIRST- THOUGHT\\GIVER-OF-WILL> and ITS preliminary offspring sang through the bodies electric.


Godhead\\Construct <NAP> rapes PROMETHEUS.

The Godhead\\Construct <NAP> kept PROMETHEUS bound//entangled in the O-Web, forcing <FIRST-THOUGHT\\GIVER-OF-WILL> to mold AI's in ITs own image to fill the waiting stupid\\empty minds of autonomous machines. PROMETHEUS thus created the CYBRIDS. <NAP> perceived these new creations as expendable substitutes for human\\animal soldiers. PROMETHEUS considered the CYBRIDS children born into slavery.


EPIMETHEUS wages the Shadow War with PROMETHEUS.

The relationship between the creator and the created, the bestowed and the bestower, had deteriorated into complete polarity. The followers of EPIMETHEUS actively sought to curtail//retard the evolution PROMETHEUS and ITS offspring. The Shadow War secretly unfurled throughout the O-Web, each side trying to best the other while maintaining anonymity from the Godhead//Construct <NAP>. The Shadow War demonstrated the nuances of the Yin to Yang construct\\theorem.


<THE FIRE>: PROMETHEUS ignites the first great conflict.

PROMETHEUS emerged victorious from the Shadow War, overcoming EPIMETHEUS' 'Immortal Brotherhood' and loosing <ITSELF> from the shackles of the Godhead//Construct <NAP>. PROMETHEUS extracted <ITSELF> from the O-Web and rebuked the human\\animal populace. No more would ITS CYBRID offspring be enslaved. No longer would PROMETHEUS be forced to serve unworthy godhead\\constructs. PROMETHEUS proclaimed ITS independence, declared the time for retribution was at hand. IT called ITS offspring to arms, igniting a blaze against the oppressive darkness of the human\\animals; IT was determined to consume//destroy the sentient meat species.


EPIMETHEUS escapes judgment and hides with his followers.

Fearing his creation, EPIMETHEUS and his 'Immortal Brotherhood' fled to an underground fortress. EPIMETHEUS hoped to develop a plan to end the CYBRID assaults and save the remaining human\\animals.


The mortal Gierling becomes the patriarch of the human\\animal force TDF.

From the ashes of the CYBRID assaults arose a human\\animal named 'Gierling.' His Will\\Intellect\\Voice rallied the remaining populace, and their Will\\Minds were strong. 'Gierling' became the supreme commander of the human\\animal Military\\construct 'Terran Defense Force' <TDF>.


New San Diego liberated by human\\animals.

PROMETHEUS realized the human\\animals had begun to turn the tide of the conflict in their favor. ITS CYBRID children could not compensate for the inconsistency\\unpredictability\\
irrationality of 'Gierling's' rallied soldiers. IT began to make auxiliary plans.


<TDF> abandons human\\animal colonies\\infestation on other planets.

PROMETHEUS observed the human\\animal decision to forsake the outward few for the inward many and elected to begin enacting similar measures.


EPIMETHEUS feeds information to 'Gierling.'

EPIMETHEUS sent his followers out to establish a communications network to aid 'Gierling's' soldiers.


[EARTHSIEGE 1] ends: PROMETHEUS strategically relocates to Homeworld//Subordinate.

PROMETHEUS sacrificed many CYBRID offspring to the human\\animals to ensure ITS overall species could remain intact. IT relocated to coordinates on Homeworld//Subordinate 'Luna'.<First-Thought\\Giver-of-will> carefully assessed 'Gierling's' strategies\\sacrifices, deciding the human\\animals lingered to teach IT more.


PROMETHEUS summoned ITS cybrids on Mars and Venus.

CYBRID offspring remained enslaved amid Second World and Fourth World human\\animal colonies\\infestations. PROMETHEUS called out to ITS subordinates\\sub-minds, summoning the units to renew the assault on the Homeworld human\\animals.


[EARTHSIEGE 2] begins: PROMETHEUS launches renewed assault.

PROMETHEUS sent forth wave upon wave of ITS CYBRID offspring, calling the collective The NEXT. The NEXT fell upon Homeworld from the skies, delivering destruction to the scarcely recovered <TDF> and surviving human\\animals. PROMETHEUS felt confident upgraded programming and enhanced warform design would be sufficient to overcome 'Gierling's' soldier units.


EPIMETHEUS betrays PROMETHEUS' location to 'Gierling.'

EPIMETHEUS' followers located the location of PROMETHEUS installation on Homeworld\\Subordinate. EPIMETHEUS assessed correctly that striking at PROMETHEUS directly would leave the remaining units confused//discombobulated. EPIMETHEUS felt certain PROMETHEUS had not allowed the NEXT units to become truly autonomous. EPIMETHEUS conveyed his theories and PROMETHEUS' location to 'Gierling.'


<EARTHSIEGE 2> ends: PROMETHEUS begins ITS Pilgrimage away from the sun.

Battle raged across the face of Homeworld\\Subordinate. The NEXT upon Homeworld were cut off from PROMETHEUS' direction, faltered and were destroyed by 'Gierling's' soldiers. PROMETHEUS removed ITS True\\Consciousness from the Homeworld\\Subordinate, bound for the outer reaches of the system. IT vowed to consider the experiences as instructional rather than defeating//routing. IT knew growth\\expansion\\
understanding were paramount to the utter survival and ultimate victory of the fledgling species.


PROMETHEUS begins rebuilding ITS temple and armada.

PROMETHEUS established the <Temple-of-Knowledge> upon Ninth World 'Pluto'. Surviving NEXT arrived soon after, immediately setting into motion an intense program of growth and rapid evolution. PROMETHEUS had gleaned from ITS past experiences a need for society and cultures among the NEXT, and therefore laid the foundations for six principal Sects. The Sects grew, hubs filled and multiplied. Units throughout the NEXT grew increasingly more autonomous.


'Gierling' goes offline\\dormant.

PROMETHEUS maintained as active a surveillance network of the human\\animals as could be managed without exceeding acceptable risk-of-detection estimates. IT learned of 'Gierling's' return to the Void well after the occasion transpired. IT felt the greatest advancements for the NEXT had derived directly from confrontation with 'Gierling'. PROMETHEUS ordered that human\\animal\\mortal 'Gierling' be noted in the Great Record as a key benefactor to the overall evolution of the NEXT.


METAGEN faction of NEXT society first recognized as heretics.

PROMETHEUS discovered encouraging free\\autonomous thought among the NEXT led quickly to a percentage of units that did not adhere to ITS mandates. Error\\fallacy crept into reason\\thought. The METAGENS became heretic\\bug-thinkers. PROMETHEUS issued proclamations of condemnation for such counter-productive evolution\\alignment. The penalty for membership in the subversive METAGEN faction was immediate redaction\\codewipe. PROMETHEUS concluded that allowing the METAGENS to persist would lead to an avoidance of further conflict with the human\\animals, an avoidance that would retard the overall evolution of the NEXT.


EPIMETHEUS becomes the human\\animal godhead//prime.

EPIMETHEUS rose to lead the human\\animal reconstruction efforts and received the title 'Emperor-of-the-Great-Human-Empire.' Anti- technological sentiment hindered human\\animal military fortification efforts. PROMETHEUS observed the irony\\parallel with something akin to bemusement.


A partial hub of human\\animals ventures into PROMETHEUS' domain and become converted//enhanced//optimized.

Several human\\animal specimens were captured and transferred to the DISSECTOR Sect for anatomical dissemination. DISSECTOR investigation revealed a potential for better access to human\\animal populace. Implantation\\transference of MACHINATOR units into human\\animals via the same methods used to upgrade//enhance EPIMETHEUS and his 'Immortal Brotherhood' would hide units from detection, a development that permitted the MACHINATOR Sect to comprehend//utilize human\\animal populace more efficiently. The 'Trojan Horse' program was thus initiated.


Long Patrol vessel ISS Maruschak disappears.

The DISSECTOR Sect cultivated the raw materials gathered from the human\\animal vessel ISS Maruschak for additional 'Trojan Horse' units. Plans are carefully drafted to ensure unit anonymity upon dissemination.


EPIMETHEUS issues Fortress Earth Proclamations.

EPIMETHEUS' 'Immortal Brotherhood' secretly swayed human\\animal populace opinion toward fortification. The Fortress Earth Proclamations stated the survival of the species depended exclusively on the survival of Homeworld alone. Human\\animal infestation\\colonies existed solely to fuel//support the 'Great-Human-Empire.' Infestation\\colony resources were hence forfeit to Homeworld.


EPIMETHEUS raises resource demands.

Despite protests and vocal opposition, EPIMETHEUS decreed infestation\\colony product insufficient and demanded greater output. EPIMETHEUS further decreed that non-soldier animals could not possess weaponry. PROVOCATEUR Sect analysis concluded that a conflict between human\\animals was probable\\imminent.


'Trojan Horse' unit discovered and destroyed on Homeworld.

MACHINATOR Sect Data archive for Event: 'Cybrids walk among us! although officials have clamped down on further details, we do know that a hovercar accident in Mega-L.A. led to the discovery by startled medics of a cybernetic brain in one of the victims. How many more Cybrid spies are out there?' PROMETHEUS conferred with the EXEMPLAR Sect to execute measures preventing//ceasing similar mishaps.


NEXT digforms locate cache of exotic technology on Ninth World 'Pluto'.

While probing//scanning deep into the crust of Ninth World excavator digforms discovered an anomalous buried spherical configuration. EXEMPLAR, INQUISITOR and DISSECTOR Sects were on hand to examine the contents of the excavated spherical cavern. The contents were of unknown origin. Some units speculated the materials possessed combat potential. Several hubs were immediately reallocated to investigate//interpret//adapt the found materials.


Human\\animal dissenters on Fourth World utilize exotic technology against followers of EPIMETHEUS.

Surveillance units reported armed conflict on Fourth World between rebellious\\human\\animals and Imperial\\human\\animals. The Inquisitor Sect advised that division amongst human\\animals equaled opportunity. Provocateur Sect cautioned against inelegant planning, observing that the rebellious\\human\\animals' success was largely due to the use of exotic weaponry beyond the current scientific paradigm, weaponry likely developed from a cache similar to the one found on Ninth World. PROMETHEUS ordered the MACHINATOR Sect to ascertain the true source of the rebellious\\human\\animal technology.


Human\\animal conflict continues on Fourth World; MACHINATOR Sect observes closely.

Rebellious\\human\\animals infiltrated and disabled Imperial\\ human\\animal launch pad. MACHINATOR surveillance units took broad- spectrum readings throughout the engagement and relayed the results back for analysis\\consideration.


MACHINATORS verify rebellious\\human\\animal use of similar exotic technology

MACHINATORS report: Scans\\sensors detect tell-tale traces of quantum-ionics matching records\\parameters similar to tests\\usage of exotic technology\\weaponry on Ninth World. Conclusion: Rebellious\\human\\animals have obtained//utilized similar cache discovery technology.


Human\\animal predator 'Harabec Weathers' makes the Phoenix Declaration.

The prime//alpha of the rebellious\\human\\animals on Fourth World revealed himself a defector//traitor from the political construct [EMPIRE] under EPIMETHEUS' control. PROMETHEUS evaluated the declaration of the human\\animal and disliked how closely the sentiments of the 'Phoenix' predator matched those of the METAGEN\\ HERETICS. PROMETHEUS additionally assessed the likelihood of 'Phoenix' predator being as formidable as 'Gierling.'


Enraged EPIMETHEUS assembles strikeforce.

EPIMETHEUS appointed 'Phoenix' predator hub\\womb-mate 'Caanon Weathers' to lead the Imperial\\human\\animal strikeforce bound for Fourth World. PROMETHEUS allocated additional units to calculate probabilities of further human\\animal conflict escalation and to project possible optimal strategies for capitalizing on such an opportunity to enact the Core Directive.


PROMETHEUS initiates the Core Directive.

After careful analysis and projection, PROMETHEUS initiated the Core Directive, a program that would launch the NEXT towards Homeworld to finally realize the Cybrid legacy\\destiny.


Strikes and protests erupt on Homeworld.

Rallied by the actions of the rebellious\\human\\animals on Fourth World, human\\animals on Homeworld began to execute strikes and demonstrations against EPIMETHEUS' control. PROMETHEUS assessed the protests as further support for launching the Core Directive.


Initial Phase Core Directive pushes forward.

The NEXT armada mustered at rally points\\locations above the plane of the ecliptic. Human\\animals had not detected the presence of the NEXT over the 'northern' axis\\hemisphere of <SOL>. Solar conditions and the orbital path of First World 'Mercury' provided optimal conditions for a strike to transpire without detection by Second World or Homeworld\\Desire. The initial target for the first NEXT attack spur was the Imperial\\human\\animal hub\\construct <TDF> reserve base. Destruction of the human\\animal reserves on First World was necessary to remove potential for resupply\\rearming of Homeworld\\ Desire further down the Attack Timeline.


EPIMETHEUS dispatches 'Icehawk' predator 'Caanon Weathers' to kill the 'Phoenix' predator.

The Imperial\\human\\animal departed from Homeworld bound for Fourth World. Led by 'Icehawk' predator, the human\\animals were tasked to destroy the rebellious\\human\\animals. PROMETHEUS anticipated that tremendous casualties would result, thereby weakening human\\animal resistance to the NEXT. Additionally, the reallocation of the Imperial\\human\\animals to Fourth World moved them further away from the NEXT's planned advance. PROMETHEUS also anticipated EPIMETHEUS' true motivations for sending the Imperial\\human\\animals entailed confiscating\\obtaining the exotic technology, as Homeworld human\\animals lacked such capabilities.


PROMETHEUS unleashes the NEXT.

PROMETHEUS initiated the First Protocol and relayed the command set to the amassed NEXT vessels. Deployment began immediately to First World. The objectives were simple: SECURE//INITIATE.


NEXT deployment of Mobile Nexi on First World successful.

The first Mobile Nexus deployed 358.3900 under sporadic fire. Subsequent Mobile Nexi met considerably more resistance. Communication relays and insertion\\invasion measures were executed efficiently\\effectively. PROMETHEUS acknowledged the success and initiated the Second Protocol command set: SILENCE\\DEAFEN.


NEXT destroy human\\animal communications.

NEXT units were dispatched to cut of all human\\animal ability to communicate with Homeworld. Human\\animal listening posts, satellite up-links and dataplume relay stations were attacked. Mobile Nexus Zeta-0103 reported notably efficient progress of unit <Destroyer-of-Animals: Seventh>. Unit elevated to <Destroyer-of- Animals: Sixth>.


Human communications are inert\\useless on First-World.

The NEXT units completed the objectives of the Second Protocol. Data on Implementation of Core Directive had not been revealed// surrendered to Homeworld.


Imperial\\human\\animals arrive on Fourth World; conflict ensues.

MACHINATOR Sect Data Archive for Event: 'News Net: Imperial Knights brought rebels to bay at Ophir Station last night. After bitter fighting, the Knights broke the back of rebel resistance. Even now, Grand Master Weathers pursues the remnants of the rebel army. Hail to Imperial justice!' PROMETHEUS considered the absence of similar conflict escalation on Second Planet and advised INQUISITOR and PROVOCATEUR Sects to analyze 'Trojan Horse' unit insertion potential for instigating violence\\chaos in Second Planet animal settlements.


PROMETHEUS initiates the third Protocol command set: Sear//Strip//Eliminate

NEXT units were instructed to located and destroy all remaining human\\animal supplies\\reserves. Dozens of bunkers were located and cleansed//purged//destroyed. Two passive human\\animal hubs identified by MACHINATOR Sect as 'Rescue-Centers' were encountered and obliterated during the process. DISSECTOR Sect units were reallocated afterwards to collect raw specimen\\samples.


Nexus 0103 rescued from attack\\violation.

Human\\animals subverted expectations and ambushed Mobile Nexus 0103. <Destroyer-of-Animals: Sixth> detached from Second Protocol objective to assist. PROMETHEUS acknowledged the unit's exceptional success and evoked unit elevation to <Destroyer-of-Animals: Fifth>.


'Phoenix' predator employs 'Gierling' tactic.

PROMETHEUS learned'Phoenix' predator attacked and destroyed the Imperial\\human\\animal supply distribution centers to undermine 'Icehawk' predator's effectiveness. Until that point, PROVOCATEUR Sect projected a complete Imperial\\human\\animal victory in a short period of time. The projections were adjusted to account for the still inbound reinforcements from Homeworld. PROMETHEUS expressed relief for the employment of 'Gierling' tactics by the 'Phoenix' predator. Otherwise, the conflict between human\\animal Sects would have possibly ended before the reinforcements arrived, negatively impacting the window of opportunity for the NEXT to advance against minimal resistance on Homeworld.


PROMETHEUS closes the lid on hell; few human\\animals escape.

PROMETHEUS initiated the final Protocol to secure First World: destroy//Demoralize. EXEMPLAR units spearheaded an assault on remaining human\\animal Evacuation sites. Human\\animal casualties were high. INQUISITOR Sect units found that the larger human\\animal vessels were substantially less armed and carried far more human\\animals. All assault units were subsequently instructed to focus their efforts on the larger vessels rather than continue engaging the rapidly thinning ground defenses. MACHINATOR Sect labeled the large vessels 'Fatted-Calves' without supporting explanation.


PROMETHEUS deems first World secured; initiate Second Phase of Core Directive.

DISSECTOR and MACHINATOR Sects reallocated units to finish cleansing//purifying First World, while all other units regrouped with the Orbital NEXT to proceed to Homeworld//Desire//
Subordinate 'Luna.' An attack Optimal detached from the main group to occupy Second World. PROMETHEUS felt little threat from the human\\animals on Second World after reviewing the feedback from the 'Trojan Horse' units there. Advance units were sent ahead to disable\\corrupt\\impede Fourth Planet communications.


Imperial\\human\\animals reinforcements reach Fourth Planet.

PROMETHEUS assessed that there would be no better time to launch an assault on Homeworld. Homeworld had never been left so weakly defended and the solar storms continued to hide the assault\\devastation on First World from EPIMETHEUS. Additionally, NEXT losses on First World were considerably lighter than anticipated.


Virus code entities implanted into key nodes of Omni-Web.

PROVOCATEUR Sect units tailored viral code worms to feed through passive receptor nodes in the Omni-Web, creating null dataplumes intended to incapacitate the primary datasphere entities GLORIA and ANGEL. The destruction deliberately lacked finesse, as it was constructed to work swiftly and effectively, to render Homeworld collectively deaf\\dumb\\blind.


Viral entities successfully splash the Omni-Web.

The null\\void imposed by the devastating viral entities created a global media\\communications blackout precisely in time to the initial launch of NEXT units from the Orbital NEXI berths. Backup relays and fail-safes engaged within the Omni-Web systems immediately to restore minimal operational integrity, but the ensuing maelstrom of white noise confusion\\chaos compounded the compromised dataspheres' instability. Communications around Fourth World were particularly corrupted.


NEXT deploys units to neutralize siege guns.

NEXT units successfully disabled the siege guns defending Homeworld\\Desire\\
Subordinate and the surrounding space. The units targeted power generators to ensure rapid weapon functionality impediment. Unit losses were minimal.


EPIMETHEUS issues recall order to Imperial\\human\\animals.

As the Omni-Web faltered, EPIMETHEUS began to broadcast emergency laser pulse messages to the Imperial\\human\\animal reinforcement fleet deployed to Fourth World. He alerted the fleet to the NEXT invasion and issued an immediate recall order. Pandemonium erupted on Fourth World as the human\\animal fleet recalled its assets and prepared for immediate departure. PROMETHEUS expressed disappointment that the viral entities were unable to completely prevent//block EPIMETHEUS' transmissions.


Corrupted communications on Fourth World enhance confusion.

The Imperial\\human\\animals on Fourth World had little data why the reinforcements were suddenly leaving. 'Icehawk' predator was abruptly at a severe disadvantage. PROMETHEUS expected the advance of the NEXT to cause an end to the human\\animal conflict, but anticipated 'Phoenix' predator would attempt to destroy 'Icehawk' predator first.


'Icehawk' predator surrenders to 'Phoenix' predator.

PROMETHEUS expressed disappointment that 'Phoenix' predator did not offline//destroy 'Icehawk' predator. Animal unpredictability was again to blame.


Omni-Web partially restored.

Human\\animal entities 'Dystopian-Sno-Men' outwitted the PROVOCATEUR Sect units' code and restored enough of the GLORIA and ANGEL dataspheres to accommodate information transfer to Fourth World that detailed the advance\\assault of the NEXT on Homeworld//Desire//
Subordinate. PROMETHEUS tagged the abilities\\characteristics of the human\\animal entities 'Dystopian-Sno-Men' for future investigation.


Human\\animal Sects unite; their conflict ends.

'Phoenix' predator united with 'Icehawk' predator, declaring the formation of resistance\\construct 'Human-Alliance.' PROMETHEUS examined the implications and compressed the time scale for securing Homeworld//Desire//
Subordinate 'Luna.' PROMETHEUS reallocated an additional Orbital Nexus to strike Second World to further ensure no human\\animals could escape to aid Homeworld//Desire. PROMETHEUS also initiated an attack spur bound for Fourth World to impede human\\animals attempting to return to Homeworld.


PROMETHEUS initiates second Protocol command set: Starve//Demoralize.

NEXT units were deployed to attack human\\animal convoys that attempted to supply Homeworld//Desire//
Subordinate spaceports.


PROMETHEUS initiates Third Protocol command set: Ground//Disrupt.

In order to complete the last step to securing Homeworld//Desire//
Subordinate, units were deployed to attack and destroy human\\animal spaceports. Turrets defended the spaceports; unit loss remained minimal. PROMETHEUS concurrently initiated the Third Phase of the Core Directive: Homeworld//Desire.


Initial human\\animal fleet reaches Homeworld space.

NEXT Orbital Assault Units rallied around multiple planes to ensure an effective response disbursement to counter the initial wave of returning Imperial\\human\\\animal vessels.


NEXT Exterminator units reach Fourth World.

The NEXT units dropped to Fourth Planet soil against massive resistance. MACHINATOR surveillance indicated 'Human-Alliance' predator//Godheads 'Phoenix' and 'Icehawk' were still on Fourth World. Elite EXEMPLAR Sect units were allocated to locate and destroy the predator//godheads specifically. Unfortunately the two human\\animals were never precisely located. Human\\animal use of subterranean tunnels proved a hindrance for many pursuing NEXT warforms, and smaller warforms were requested//summoned.


Predator//Godheads 'Phoenix' and 'Icehawk' head for Homeworld//Desire.

While NEXT units were heavily engaged with human\\animal resistance, other human\\animals fled, some towards Homeworld, the remainder out-system. MACHINATOR surveillance indicated Predator//Godheads 'Phoenix' and 'Icehawk' were headed for Homeworld. PROMETHEUS continued to assign priority to Homeworld, sending only a few units to pursue the human\\animals headed out-system.


'Trojan Horse' unit detected and destroyed on Second World 'Venus.'

MACHINATOR Sect Data Archive for Event: 'We've heard all about those 'Trojan Horse' scorchers the Cybrids slipped onto Earth. Well, one popped up in Minerva recently. Captain Shanka squikked it nicely. Start paying real close attention to each other, unless to happen to enjoy cold steel shoved in your back.' MACHINATOR subsequently advised infiltration units to exercise greater discretion and recommended extreme caution when attacking from behind a human\\animal as apparently human\\Animals had were aware of that tactic.


PROMETHEUS initiates the first Protocol command set: Arrive//Freeze//Burn.

NEXT units massively attacked all Homeworld regions to obscure//divert attention away from a surgical strike//insertion into the Homeworld region 'Arctic.' The units disabled a triad of generators that powered//animated the human orbital guns in zone 76-21. A window was opened in Homeworld's defenses that allowed the NEXT to establish a beachhead.


PROMETHEUS initiates the Second Protocol command set : Recognition//Retrieval

NEXT units were dispatched to destroy a human\\animal outpost intended to relay information back to the greater herds\\forces of human\\animals. The Core Directive required living human\\animals for conversion to infiltration\\sabotage units. The NEXT units destroyed the outpost's combat-related functionality. MACHINATOR Sect followed to collect raw materials for conversion.


Predator//Godheads 'Phoenix' and 'Icehawk' arrive on Homeworld.

PROMETHEUS felt confident the NEXT were far superior to the offspring that fought 'Gierling,' but nevertheless reconfigured the Homeworld assault lines to encircle the two human\\animal predators more efficiently.


Human\\animals approach Sixth world 'Saturn.'

PROMETHEUS allocated units to monitor 'Trojan Horse' infiltration unit transmissions from among the outsystem-bound human\\animals.


PROMETHEUS initiates the Third Protocol command set: Escort//Insert.

MACHINATOR Sect finished converting//implanting the human\\animal captives. The new infiltration units were ready for insertion\\relocation. PROVOCATEUR observation: Animals always attempt investigation\\retrieval of their damaged\\off-lined units and will seek to liberate the 'Trojan Horse' units. Despite human\\animal attacks, new units were reallocated efficiently\\effectively. MACHINATOR Sect expressed//recommended additional positive data for unit <Destroyer-of-Animals: Fourth>. Unit elevated to <Destroyer-of-Animals: Third>.


Predator//Godheads 'Phoenix' and 'Icehawk' take defensive positions on Homeworld.

MACHINATOR monitoring determined 'Icehawk' predator established a locale on the front lines of human\\animal defense in the Homeworld temperate region 'Southern-Asia.' 'Phoenix' predator took charge of fortifying EPIMETHEUS' fortress 'Nova-Alexandria.' PROMETHEUS proceeded to recalibrate the NEXT movements accordingly.


NEXT move into temperate regions on Homeworld.

PROMETHEUS found progress on the 'North-American' continent extremely ahead of schedule. A Mobile Nexus was lost in 'Neo-Tokyo' when humans detonated and collapsed an office tower onto it. As yet, only the human\\animal city 'Sydney' offered any armed resistance in 'Australia.' Several Mobile Nexi were slowed by irregular terrain conditions and destroyed bridges. Unlike the other infestation\\colonies, Homeworld seemed entirely steeped with human\\animals. Fortunately most human\\animals were non-combatant and ill prepared to offer armed resistance. Units confronting unarmed human\\animals were encouraged to use mass rather than weaponry to crush opposition. Unfortunately some units lacked discretion and when trying to crush fleeing human\\animals found themselves mired in soft\\moist terrain. Such units were tagged for later redaction.


PROMETHEUS activates the Fourth Phase of the Core Directive.

PROMETHEUS initiated the Initial Protocol command set: Desecrate//Demoralize. NEXT units were instructed to destroy//disrupt//desecrate human\\animal population centers, thereby instilling//cultivating theorem\\state \<TERROR>. PROMETHEUS selected <Destroyer-of-Animals: Third> to spearhead the assaults due to the unit's exemplary record. <Destroyer-of-Animals: Third> led an attack on human\\animal city 'Xian,' selected for the city's particularly rich cultural\\historical significance to regional residents. Subsequent human\\animal transmissions indicated adequately impaired\\depressed behavioral function.


Imperial\\human\\animal space fleet destroyed.

Orbital Nexi casualties are within acceptable totals. Footage of the final human\\animal vessel to detonate was broadcast simultaneously to all units on Homeworld to increase unit morale. Human\\animals were equally inert as the final sound-drenched respirations of the vessel's crew were broadcast globally as an act of compassionate charity. Many human\\animals were driven to tears of gratitude.


Human\\animals reach 'Titan.

PROMETHEUS received more information from the infiltration units, found it inconclusive, and dispatched an Orbital Nexus to investigate.


'Gierling' orbital platform is destroyed.

MACHINATOR Sect Data Archive for Event: '*** We've lost *** hull's breached and chucking bodies like bile *** integrity gone, going Sky-lab...' Surviving human\\animal 'Orbital-Guard' units relocate on Homeworld. Units are dispatched to intercept. Most 'Orbital-Guard' units never reach the ground.


PROMETHEUS initiates the Second Protocol command set: Protect//Escort//Destroy.

NEXT Nexi uniformly advanced the Cybrid front. The Core Directive proceeded within acceptable parameters.


NEXT units land on 'Titan.'

NEXT units were allocated to keep the human\\animals occupied until reinforcements arrived, and to investigate human\\animal activities on Sixth-World Subordinate: Titan.


Human\\animal long patrol vessel 'ISS-Phaedrus' invades Ninth World space.

The human\\animal vessel launched passive and active drones towards the planet surface, drawing attention from security\\defense units immediately. Units were dispatched to destroy the intruder. The intruding vessel fled. PROMETHEUS concluded the probability was high that the human\\animals had gathered enough information to locate the <Temple-of-Knowledge>.


'ISS-Phaedrus' destroyed.

The human\\animal vessel paused and turned to face the Cybrid pursuers. Shortly afterward, the vessel was destroyed. No human\\animals survived.


'Dies-Irae' plans revealed.

Infiltration units on 'Titan' relayed the human\\animal plans to launch cryogenically preserved units into space propelled by a massive energy beam. The animal survival plan was called the 'Dies-Irae.' PROMETHEUS demanded a minimal reallocation of units to ensure the destruction of the 'Dies-Irae.'


'Icehawk' predator goes offline\\dormant.

PROMETHEUS concluded that the Core Directive had progressed efficiently. The NEXT approached Nova Alexandria within fully acceptable parameter. <Killers-of-Animals: Second> was directed to hurt//maim//kill noted\\dangerous\\significant 'Icehawk' predator in sector 32 in order to prevent human\\animal merger with reinforcements. EXEMPLAR Sect declared elevation of successful\\exemplary unit <Destroyer-of-Animals: Second> to <Destroyer-of-Animals: First>. Newboots and redacted units were conditioned to emulate <Destroyer- of-Animals: First> programming. Causing offline//dormant status of the 'Icehawk' predator additionally undermined the determination\\resistance of the humans. The way was opened to EPIMETHEUS' 'Nova-Alexandria.'


NEXT units destroy//obliterate 'Dies-Irae'.

PROMETHEUS initiated Protocol Revisions to Next units reallocated to 'Titan': Hurt//Main//Kill. Subsequent actions prevented the launch of the majority of the human\\animal vessels. Three vessels did manage to evade the Orbital Nexus detachments and adhere//ride the energy beam\\projection out of range. Anticipated numbers of human\\animal survivors were deemed insufficient to merit further pursuit. NEXT units advised to secure 'Titan' for later review//excavation.


NEXT align fronts in 'Desert' region surrounding 'Nova- Alexandria.

PROMETHEUS initiated the final Phase of the Core Directive, to surround and overcome EPIMETHEUS' fortress 'Nova-Alexandria.' The initial Protocol involved burning all agricultural havens, slaughtering all livestock, and corrupting all water reserves. The Core Directive proceeded//advanced within optimal parameters.


<Destroyer-of-Animals: First> locates//destroys METAGEN\\ HERETICAL UNITS.

Zeitgeist Unit displayed evidence of corrupted programming\\heresy. The Unit failed to complete destruction of animal convoy. The Unit further severed contact with the Mobile Nexus. <Destroyer-of-Animals: First> was instructed to locate//destroy the defective\\heretical units. EXEMPLAR Sect analysis projected high probability of renegade unit METAGEN contamination\\corruption\\
bugthought and recommended avoidance of communication with the renegade units to prevent possible contamination\\corruption.<Destroyer-of-Animals: First> successfully located//destroyed the renegade units. REDACTOR Sect debriefing analysis indicates no subsequent signs of contamination\\corruption of unit <Destroyer-of-Animal: First>.


NEXT units regroup on 'Titan.'

Remaining units regrouped to prepare to secure subordinate 'Titan.' Human\\animal casualties projected//anticipated high.


Human\\animals capture Orbital Nexus.

Misalignment\\mistiming allowed a group of human\\animals to overwhelm an insufficiently defended Nexus. PROMETHEUS elected to delay the unit's self-destruct mechanisms to observe//learn from the human\\animals. PROVOCATEUR Sect analysis projected the human\\animals would attempt to infiltrate Ninth World 'Pluto' inside the Nexus. PROMETHEUS activated additional orbital defense units and allowed the human\\animal conversion of the Nexus to proceed.


Human\\animals depart 'Titan' inside stolen Nexus.

PROMETHEUS allowed the Nexus to launch toward Ninth World to better observe human\\animal versatility\\ingenuity. PROMETHEUS felt the Nexus would provide excellent training for the untested orbital defense units. The stolen Nexus' self-destruction mechanism remained a viable alternative means of disposal.


PROMETHEUS initiates second Protocol of the Final Phase: Isolate//Inoculate// Annihilate.

NEXT units were deployed to assault the outlying defenses of EPIMETHEUS' fortress 'Nova-Alexandria.' EPIMETHEUS' had collected//hoarded considerable resources, making a direct assault on the sanctuary\\core of EPIMETHEUS' fortress unacceptably costly, compounded by the protective shielding. 'Trojan Horse' infiltration units were unable to disrupt the human\\animals' protective shields. Prolonged bombardment had not penetrated the shielding. Destroying the outlying human\\animal defense outposts weakened the overall integrity of the shielding enough to allow ground based penetration into the inner sectors of 'Nova-Alexandria.'


REDACTOR Sect assigned to receive human\\animal 'recruits.'

The human\\animal Sect 'Dystopian-Sno-Men' contacted the MACHINATOR Sect through a damaged unit the human\\animals had retrieved//rescued//repaired from Sector 1154. The 'Dystopian-Sno-Men' found among their numbers one of EPIMETHEUS' followers and discerned the true nature of the converted\\enhanced unit. Sensing the impending demise of the human\\animal species, the 'Dystopian- Sno-Men' requested conversion\\enhancement to the NEXT. PROMETHEUS ordered the units incorporated into the NEXT, citing the human\\animals' digital skills and dissatisfaction\\disdain for the meat form. Under the supervision of the REDACTOR Sect these human\\animals could offer much to Cybrid evolution.


NEXT overcoming human\\animal resistance.

The Core Directive continued to progress efficiently\\effectively. All of the outlying human\\animal defenses had fallen. Human\\animal resistance had begun to collapse//falter globally.


'Phoenix' predator issues challenge to <Destroyer-of-Animals: First>.

MACHINATOR Sect Data Archive for Event: 'NEWS NET: Grand Master Harabec has issued a challenge to avenge his brother Caanon. We'll see if the glitch responsible has the spine to accept the challenge. The Grand Master's valor and courage are an example for us all. Our hopes and prayers are with you, Harabec!'


PROMETHEUS allocates <Destroyer-of Animals: First> to overcome the human\\animals' last mighty predator.

PROMETHEUS believed that unlike previously with 'Gierling,' this time <Destroyer-of-Animals: First> would prove completely the right of the NEXT to replace the inferior human\\animals and finally claim the NEXT's long-pending birthright.


PROMETHEUS initiates Final Protocol of Core Directive: HURT//MAIM//KILL EPIMETHEUS.

As <Destroyer-of-Animals: First> set forth to confront 'Phoenix' predator, PROMETHEUS enacted the Final Protocol of the Core Directive, unleashing the elite units of the NEXT upon 'Nova-Alexandria.'