Cybrid Warform Pilot

Role in Third Earthsiege:

Cybrid invader.

2788, 2822, 2825


Plague Dog’s brain inhabits an obscure and obsolete pilot form salvaged from test models for the Trojan Horse program. As such, it is of bipedal orientation and structure, and has a "face" configured in rough similarity to a human\\animal. The pilot form is serviceable and durable, but not terribly coordinated. Its limited utility makes it ideal for the menial tasks the NEXT grudgingly entrust to Plague Dog.


Whacked. Random comments and actions characterize Plague Dog, which although it loyally carries out Implementation and obeys the Protocols, it does so in a completely nonlinear manner. Plague Dog seems more loyal to its hubmates than to the Core Program, the Assemblage, or even to Prometheus.

It is fascinated by nearly anything shiny, and it feels keen need to display its immense database of advertising jingles in nearly every communication with other units. Some of its hubmates suspect that Plague Dog has implemented a version of advanced chaotic processing that constitutes a new, albeit flawed, level of development. In combat, Plague Dog is unpredictable but deadly. Its seeming facility for chaos apparently carries over into battlefield situations. It is known to go berserk at the sight of its own reflection, and can be extremely aggressive when facing trees and other inanimate objects that somehow trigger its ire.


Plague Dog was a scout unit deployed into human space around some of the outer moons to perform recon tasks. It was somehow captured by a team of human\\animals and examined. What the human\\animals did exactly is the subject of much speculation by the NEXT, but certainly the results disturb all sane units. After they were done, the human\\animals launched Plague Dog into NEXT space in a garbage rocket.

Plague Dog has a seeming inability to perform most functions without incorporating some illogical, random behavior that dramatically increases the chaos elements of said function. For example, as a Cleaner-of-Filters (a task normally relegated to non-sentient drones), it managed to connect the magnetic filters of one Nexus conduit into the main power feed and thereby convert the conduit into a gigantic railgun. Several units were unfortunate enough to be accelerated through the armored hull of the Nexus before corrective measure were taken.

Plague Dog is so disconnected from normal Cybrid behavior that only the most patient units will take the time to try to communicate with it. Those who do often discover that Plague Dog sometimes makes alarming sense with its apparently completely discordant ramblings.

"A-aim for a b-b-big asparag-asparagus-Zzzt! Or t-t-tapioca. Whatever the<squeal!> d-dingo says."