By Chris Cole


The purpose of this document is to give a brief character bio of Caanon and Harabec. These bios are designed to be used as in-house promotions of the Starsiege Universe.


Caanon Weathers is the oldest son of Lancings Weathers, a powerful aristocrat of Imperial Mother Earth. Caanon is steadfast in his convictions and believes the emperor will direct Earth and all humankind toward a bright future marked by honor and dignity. The ideals on which the Empire was built provide, to a fault, the code by which Caanon lives.

Caanon believes in loyalty, faithfulness, and honor, virtues well-rewarded in the society established by the Empire. His deeds have carried him to the position of Grand Master of the Imperial Knights. His many battle victories have distinguished him as one of the deadliest knights in the empire.

These battles have tempered his mettle. He is widely considered a brilliant Herc pilot and his cold precision and accuracy have earned him the callsign Icehawk.


Harabec Weathers is the younger brother of Caanon Weathers. He has always been a loose cannon, finding his own raucous way though life despite the wishes of his more conservative aristocratic family. While Harabec truly loves his brother, he cannot reconcile the misgivings he has toward Caanon’s unquestioned faith in the Empire. Harabec is a freethinker, a fiercely independent soul who carries himself with a natural aura of command.

When Harabec was six, he was involved in a serious accident which he was not expected to survive. Surprisingly, however, he did survive and seemed to thrive from the experience. Although Caanon received great fame for his ability, Harabec is wildly more talented. As a Herc pilot, he is simply unmatched. His miraculous knack for escaping savage odds has earned him the callsign Phoenix. Unfortunately, his unorthodox style often places the other members of his squad in harm’s way.